Chapter 1: Self-Discipline & Success

“The first and best victory is to conquer self.”


1. If your work life and career were ideal, what would they look like? What one discipline could you develop that would help to achieve it?

I would be a professional baseball player or a practicing medical physician. I could apply the discipline of writing down my short-term goals and achieving those first and then by doing so working my way, gradually and efficiently, towards my ultimate goal.

2. If your family life were ideal, what would it look like, and what one discipline would help you the most to make it a reality?

Well if my family life were ideal, I would know all of my family members but I could work on time management so that I could take more time of my schedule to visit them.

3. If your health were perfect in every way, what disciplines would you have that make it possible?

Personal health, physical fitness, persistence, and work are a few disciplines that would make perfect health easier to accomplish.

4. If your financial situation were ideal today, what one discipline would you have that would help you the most?

Work. You can receive monetary pay for work.

5. Why aren’t you already as successful as you would like to be, and what one discipline would help you the most to achieve all your goals?

Because I am just in high school and I have not had the opportunity to try and accomplish anything on my own more than a simple school assignment or project, an athletic goal, or any other small personal goal.

6. What one skill could you develop that would help you to realize more of your goals?

Courage. A lot of times I may not pursue a specific task because I lack the courage or confidence to try and tackle it head on.

7. If you could wave a magic wand and be completely disciplined in one area, which one discipline would have the greatest positive impact on your life?

Happiness. I sometimes find myself always thinking of one of many flaws. I wish I could learn to accept myself for who I am ALL OF THE TIME, FLAWS AND ALL.


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