Chapter 2: Self-Discipline & Character

“Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Never pity yourself. Be a hard master to yourself and be lenient to everyone else.”

-Henry Ward Beecher

1. Name three people, living or dead, who you most admire and describe one quality of each of them that you respect.

My grandmother, my mother, and my father. They all three have the discipline of patience.

2. Determine the most important virtue or quality in your life that you strive the most to practice or emulate.

Selflessness. I like to think of myself as an unselfish person and a pretty generous and benevolent human being.

3. Identify those situations in which you feel the most confident, in which you feel like the very best person you could possibly be.

When I humble myself when faced with an obstacle and then I come out on top. Certain situations would include baseball games, school tests or exams, or personal challenges.

4. What situations give you your greatest feelings of self-esteem and personal worth?

When I become the best I can be. When I hit that homerun, or when I throw that no hitter, or when I ace that test. Certain moments when I feel like my back is against the wall and I am doomed to fail but in the end I succeed.

5. If you were already an excellent person in every respect, how would you behave differently from today onward?

That is a very interesting question but I honestly don’t know. I would like to say that I wouldn’t change, but if I were excellent in every respect, I probably would be an all around successful and efficient person.

6. What one quality would you like people to think of when your name is mentioned, and what could you do to ensure this happens?

Reliability. I am a pretty considerate person of my friends and their feelings, problems, and situations. If I am needed or am to be trusted with something, I would try to help in any way possible and if I should fail, which I do everything within my power not to, I would accept full responsibility.

7. In what one area do you need to be more truthful and practice higher levels of integrity than you do today?

My character is great in some areas but lacking in others. So to be honest with myself I should practice higher levels of integrity of it. I make sure to respect those ahead of me especially with the usual formalities of mam and sir, but my language and attitude are not always the best. However, I believe that with the Holy Spirit’s conviction over me, I can become better in these specific areas.


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