Chapter 5: Self-Discipline & Personal Excellence

“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then is not an act but a habit.”


1. Make a decision today to invest in yourself and getting better, as if your future depends on it-because it does.

2. Identify the most important skills you have that determine the quality and quantity of results you get at your work, and make a plan to get better in each one.

Persistence, focus, and responsibility. These are my most important skills of work.

3. If you could wave a magic wand and become absolutely excellent in any one skill, which one skill would have the greatest impact on your earning ability? Whatever your answer, set that skill as a goal, make a plan, and work on it every day.

Intelligence. Yes I am a smart guy, but there are plenty others who are smarter and I believe knowledge is power and I can improve this a little each day by using different resourceful skills.

4. Set excellent performance in your work as a goal, and then determine exactly what you will need to join the top 20 percent or better in your field.

5. Look ahead three to five years and determine the new knowledge and skills you will need in order to lead your field in the future. Then start acquiring them today.

6. Select the top person in your field, the one you admire most, and use him or her as a role model for your own development.

Joseph Seale is my role model because he might not have the “effortless genius” trait like Mary Rose but he is right with her in grades because he works hard.

7. Commit yourself to lifelong learning, and never let a day go by without getting better in some area.


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