Chapter 9: Self-Discipline & Leadership

“Nothing is more harmful to the service than the neglect of discipline; for it is discipline more than numbers that gives one army superiority over another.”

-George Washington

1. Ask yourself, “What results are expected of me?” and then concentrate single-mindedly on getting those results every day.

I am expected to produce results in the classroom, on the baseball field, and in other areas of my everyday life. I expect myself to be smart, diligent, hardworking, encouraging, and kind.

2. See yourself as the leader of your organization and ask yourself, “What kind of a company would this company be if everyone in it were just like me?”

Well if everyone were like me, then there would be little argument over where the company was headed because we would all have the same thought process.

3. Create a clear, exciting vision for yourself and your organization based on success and excellent performance.

4. Identify the most important people in your business world and determine how you will have to behave toward them to get them to perform at their best.

Me (the leader & owner), The President, The Vice President, The Manager and other Supervisors, workers, and consumers. I will have to feel out their needs and wants, and we all must work together to get what we want.

5. Resolve in advance that, when the inevitable crisis occurs, you will respond in a calm,controlled, and intelligent manner.

6. Clarify the exact values and principles you believe in and stand for, and then share them with the people around you.

7. Treat each person around you as if he is competent, valuable, and important. This is the key to gaining the loyalty and commitment the you require as a leader.


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