Chapter 10: Self-Disciplne & Business

“The quality of self denial in the pursuit of a longer term goal, and indeed, the willpower to maintain that level of self denial, is an excellent training for the boardroom.”

-John Viney

1. Stand back and look at every area of your business, as if you were an outside consultant. What changes would you recommend.

I would recommend that the co-workers of Michael Davis help out with the awful, horrid, disgusting, despicable trash down the hill behind the chapel.

2. Imagine you were starting your business over again today. Are there any products or services that you would not bring to the current market?

We are janitors in service. We clean and get paid hourly for cleaning wherever cleaning is needed.

3. Identify the 20 percent of your products and services that account for 80 percent of your sales and profits. How could you sell more of them?

Dust-mopping, sweeping, and mopping the gym floor, taking out the trash in the school, and the trash from the chapel.

4. Project forward one, two, and five years in your business. What are the trends? What will your customers be being buying in the future.

Well next year, I will not be working here because it is a work student relationship program.

5. List three ways that you could improve your customer service to ensure that customers buy from you again and tell their friends.

Perform my job to my employer’s preference, work harder and quicker with my co-workers, and establish everyone’s individual assignments and teamwork assignments, and also let each other know at an appropriate time if one of us are not going to be able to work that day.

6. List three ways that you could attract more and better qualified leads from your marketing and advertising activities.

We do not advertise, we just clean in our jurisdiction and that is the gym/school/church of North River Christian Academy.

7. List three ways that you could make more sales to the prospects you attract or that you could attract more and better prospects.

If we wanted to clean in other areas we could (1) volunteer to do more work but for pay, (2) help out with other teacher’s trash and (3) we could clean our already assigned areas faster to the point where they could be so impressed that they just assign us more works.


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