Chapter 14: Self-Discipline & Problem Solving

“Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.”

-Aldous Huxley

1. Solving problems is like solving mathematical equations: It is learnable with practice and repetition. Start by determining the biggest problems facing you today.

Trying to play and finish this baseball season without giving into the pain in my throwing arm.

2. Accept complete responsibility for solving the problems you encounter in your daily work, and then think about the solutions. 

3. Define your biggest business or personal problem clearly. Write it down. What exactly is the problem?

The pain in my throwing arm while playing baseball games.

4. Why is this a problem? Could it be an opportunity in disguise? If so, what opportunity or lesson could this problem contain?

Because the pain could become worse and I could really hurt myself beyond repair. I do not think so. This could teach me new ways to help protect myself and discipline me to tell someone that I am in pain.

5. What else is the problem? Perhaps the real problem is something else, something you might not want to face?

I am also afraid that I have already hurt myself to a extreme sense and I may require intense therapy or maybe even surgery.

6. What are all the possible solutions? What else could be a solution?

I could finish the season out without letting anyone know that I am in pain. I could tell someone that I am in pain so that I can protect myself from injury. At the time, I do not know any other solutions but I do know I need to decide soon.

7. Select the best solution that available to you right now, and take action immediately.

I cannot decide right now, but the best decision would probably be to just pick the option that protects my arm from pain. In such a case, one should think about more than just the present moment, one must carefully consider the future.



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