Chapter 18: Self-Discipline & Marriage

“It is better to control yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or demons, heaven or hell.”


1. What is the most important single action you could take, right now, to increase the love and harmony in your marriage or relationship?

Surprise my girlfriend with a romantic gesture such as roses, jewelry, or a dinner.

2. What disciplines or practices could you develop that would improve the quality of your marriage for the other person?

I could learn to be more patient, kind, generous, caring, considerate, and to listen to my partner and respond to her and compromise.

3. Identify one behavior you could engage in that would improve your communications in your marriage.

I could listen more before I form my own opinion and I should try to understand things from her viewpoint.

4. Sit down with your spouse and ask him/her for ideas for things that you should do more of, less of, start, or stop doing.

5. Identify the two qualities that you most admire in your partner.

Her beauty: physically and spiritually. Her intelligence. She is a smart caring girl and she supports me with unconditional love and my love for her grows stronger and stronger for her everyday.

6. Identify the areas in which you and your partner are the most compatible.

Humor, positive attitude, and fashion.

7. Identify the most important values that you and your partner share.

The value of  not just love and what not that a boyfriend and girlfriend have. But we were friends for a good while before we dated and I believe that is why we have been together for so long now because our relationship is not boring, and both of us love to be with the other person.


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