Chapter 19: Self-Discipline & Children

“Right discipline exists, not in external compulsion, but in habits of mind which lead spontaneously to desirable rather than undesirable activities.”

-Bertrand Russell

1. What two qualities would you like your children to identify with you by observing your behavior?

When I do have some, I would like for them to be like me in the sense of always wanting to do the right thing and help those who can’t help themselves.

2. What two qualities would you like to instill in your children, and how could you achieve this?

Intelligence and kindness. I can be kind to them and to others while around them and I can teach them at home more about the lessons they are learning at school just as my father used to do with me.

3. If you were an excellent role model for your children, how would your behaviors be different, starting today?

I would watch the things that I say, not that I use profanity, but things like crap, OMG, and other stuff of that nature, I would try to refrain from using such language.

4.  What mistakes have your children made that you should forgive and forget about, starting immediately?

Well I do not have children, but mistakes I made as a child that I know my parents have forgiven already could be when I one time skipped my first period class one day in my senior year. I was late for school and my cousin was as well because him and his brother were stranded on the side of the road because their truck had broke down. So since I was his original means of transportation, I felt guilty for him  being late and missing the bus, so I took him to the bus’ intended destination and then headed back for school. I realize my decision had good intentions but was wrong. My parents were very upset, especially my mom, but my dad understanding that I had good intentions showed compassion but was still stern with punishment.

5. What actions are you going to take immediately  to spend more time with your children?

I don’t currently have any, but applying the habit and discipline of time management, I could one day still balance my responsibilities and quality time with my kids.

6. What actions could you take to instill the quality of truthfulness in your children?

Teach them the ways of the Holy Bible. The Bible tells of God’s love and his rules and how we should strive to follow them even though He knows we will mess up.

7. How could you encourage and reward your children so that they practice greater self-discipline, self-control, and self-mastery?

Well as young kids, it is simple to get their attention. Candy, money (a dollar), fun activities and such for good things they do well. As they grow and mature I could still do the same with rewarding them with things of their preference but they must be reasonable and fit the tasks completed to the point where they get old enough and just do good things just because they are right.


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